EDDS Portal

Electronic Document Delivery Service

               EDDS is a pay service to support the improvement human health in Southeast Asia
               by sending photocopies of requested articles by Internet.

                     Indonesia         National Institute of Health Research and Development Library
                     Malaysia           Institute for Medical Research Medical Library
                     Philippines        University of the Philippines F. B. Herrera Jr. Medical Library
                     Thailand           Mahidol University Library and Information Center
                     Vietnam           Central Institute for Medical Sciences Information

                2. Request independently
                         ・register as a EDDS user
                         ・use this site (click Enter button)
                         ・fax/mail the Japan EDDS Center

                1. Send E-mail to seamic-admin@seamic.jp
                       or send Application form
                2. Send fax or surface mail to
                           Naohiko Yamaguchi
                           Japan EDDS Center
                           Toho University Medical Media Center
                           5-21-16, Omori-Nishi, Ota-Ku, Tokyo
                           143-8540  JAPAN
                               fax +81-3-3762-5077

                 1. By E-mail             $5.00 per 1 item (not per page)
                 2. By air mail            $8.00 per 1 item (not per page)

             EDDS is a pay service: participating countries or libraries must deposit $500 at least to use this service
             (1 unit(100 articles)= $500   any units be payable)
                   Wire tranfer detail, User ID and Password will be provided after registration

      If you are already registered member, click the Enter button